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Hi everyone, I was just browsing the net for other ICT tools we could use in the classroom and came across this page. It’s a mindmap of different technology we could use in our teaching (some of them we have come across in our blogs). I wanted to share it with everyone because :

1. It’s useful to have these many ideas/ resources at our fingertips

2. It provides brief and clear information on the different types of programs

The page looks like this and to find out more about a specific program you simply have to click on it (ie. twitter for example) :



To access the webpage, simple click on the picture.

Finally, while further exploring this page, I looked at twitter and how it could be used in education. Honestly, I still am a little apprehensive about using this program in actual classes because it I think there are enough distractions as is. However, twitter for teachers who need answers quickly might be a good idea. For example, one of the suggestions was that teachers could build up a network very quickly and share resources so that if teachers had a question or needed resources on a topic, they could simply put up a tweet instantly and other teachers could then reply if they have something helpful. With a smart phone, this could happen pretty much anytime, anywhere.


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6 thoughts on “Digital Community- resources for ICT in education”

  1. Thank-you for sharing this Kristy. I would love to create a mini poster for my future classroom based on this mind map. The mind map would be effective for visual learners and even logical learners, as it sorts the information out in logical learner whilst supporting the information through visuals. Teachers could even create their own mind map on a class space where students have to allocate their group into a specific software tool to use for a specific assessment task. That way students would be experimenting with different technologies, rather than using the one. Thank-you!

  2. Hey Kristy – hope your weekend isn’t completely full of assignments like mine!

    This is a really cool mindmap. I’m reflecting on the use of RSS feeds in the classroom at the moment so it is interesting to be able to be linked to information about it, and also I can compare it to other similar tools – like Twitter.

    To be honest, like you, I am a bit apprehensive about using Twitter in the classroom. Not only is it a distraction, but I feel it can be very inappropriate. I could see using it as a little quiz – although I’m not sure how well you can write math equations in a twitter feed. Like, you could put up a question each week and the students would have to respond. However, I think this could be done in Edmodo just as easily and in a much safe environment. Thoughts?

  3. Hey ricki, glad you liked it! I agree, it’ll be helpful for students as they will be able to use more than one type of technology. Furthermore, they may even be able to add to their own mindmaps once they find others.

    Hey Maddy, my weekend was busy- assignments and catching up with some friends.

    I like your idea about the quiz on twitter. I’m not sure about mathematical equations, but I was thinking more worded questions involving several mathematic concepts that require students to think more creatively. That way, there isn’t one fixed answer and students will have to think about the context as well. More how and why questions perhaps? What do you think?

  4. This is an excellent mindmap. It really shows some of the different ways we can use technology to express our ideas and thoughts in a creative way. Thanks for sharing. After doing this unit i’m sure that we could all add to this mindmap but it looks really good!

  5. great work kristy, this is awesome! it really does portray technology in a great way! as for twitter, that’s a really good idea! while it may not be used directly in the classroom – it can definitely work to create a network of teachers! Much like our facebook site that we created!!

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