Creativity at the expense of other skills?

I remember being in first year and watching this talk by Sir Ken Robinson. It is, without a doubt, a convincing argument about how schools now kill creativity instead of encourage it. At that stage, I thought it was simple. As teachers, we should foster creativity and do what we can to have students thinking for themselves. However, now being in my final year and having had several teaching rounds, I know why this isn’t as simple as it sounded. Instead, I find myself having to grapple with more questions than before.

Firstly, how do you encourage creativity when you have a curriculum and its outcomes to stick to?

Can students do anything they want in the name of creativity?

What is creativity, or is there ‘good creativity’ that we encourage and ‘bad creativity’ that we discourage?

Should we teach creativity at the expense of other skills?

Honestly, as much as I want to say that I encourage creativity in the classroom, I still struggle with the issue. I know that creativity is important especially in an ever-changing world, but I would still keep other skills such as interpersonal and literacy and numeracy skills in mind.

What do you guys think? Has anyone else had similar questions? Would love to hear your opinion!